Hair Care Instructions


TOOLS NEEDED - water, Denman brush, moisturizing conditioner/shampoo


  • Afro kinky hair is considered high maintenance and will tangle easily, as it is tightly coiled hair. However, tangles should fall out with water and conditioner.
  • Treat hair as you would your own. Taking great care will extend longevity
  • Do not use heat, you will loosen the curl or destroy it altogether.
  • Do not sleep in wet hair
  • Seal wefts with sealant to reduce shedding
  • After swimming, clarify hair with clarifying shampoo and condition immediately. Avoid saltwater

Recommended steps - detangle, co-wash (washing hair with only conditioner), define curls with Denman brush and air dry.

DETANGLING - Wet hair thoroughly and use your fingers to gently detangle hair while soaking wet.

CO- WASHING - Preferred method of “washing” hair by using moisture rich conditioner. Distribute a generous amount of conditioner through hair in a downward motion using fingers, brush conditioner through hair using a Denman brush. This will also help to define the curls.

CO- WASHING with SEW IN - Twist or braid hair into 4-6 braids, this helps to reduce tangling significantly. Use a generous amount of moisture rich conditioner and distribute it evenly. After co-wash, undo twists or braids and follow remaining instructions.

RINSING - Run water through hair in a downward motion, using your fingers to help remove the conditioner. Curls should be slipping through your fingers. If you still have tangles, repeat the conditioning step in the tangled area.

DEFINING CURLS - Use a good amount of curl definer or lotion and brush through hair with Denman brush. When completed, do not disturb the curls!

DRYING - Air dry when possible, or use a diffuser attached to a hair dryer on warm. Too much heat will loosen curls. If hair is sewn in, pile hair on top of head like a pineapple, wrap in cotton t-shirt and let dry for approx. 90mins.

DAILY CARE - Lightly spritz hair with conditioner/water mix. Detangle with fingers if necessary.

GOING TO BED - Bend forward, gathering hair gently and use the pineapple method to secure hair. Use a scrunchie to secure hair into a LOOSE ponytail - not too tight or the scrunchie will leave a dent. DO NOT sleep in wet hair, this will cause matting.

USING HEAT - Can you straighten your curly hair? Yes. Should you? No. Our curly textures are steam processed curls, they are not naturally curly. If you straighten the hair, you may loosen the curl pattern and/or lose the curl pattern altogether.

DYEING HAIR - You can dye our curly hair, but some bundles may color or lift differently than other bundles. Please keep in mind that since the hair was originally processed, these textures require extra TLC by way of frequent moisture, deep conditioning and reducing the amount of heat used. The less chemicals and heat used, increases the longevity of your tresses!