About us

 Afro Kinky Curls is your #1 resource for 100% Virgin Human Hair Extensions designed exclusively for women’s natural curl patterns & hair textures.

The market for products that cater to women with curly or multi-textured hair has grown tremendously, but there is still a huge void in the market for quality products made for women who prefer to wear their natural hair.

For years the hair industry has neglected women with curly or multi-textured hair, which has forced them to use products that weren’t meant for their hair type or add chemicals & hair extensions that were totally different textures from their natural hair, hoping to achieve hairstyles that they thought would be more manageable. This dilemma is what inspired me to create Afro Kinky Curls.

At Afro Kinky Curls our #1 goal is to give women an alternative to over heating & chemically altering their natural hair, by promoting overall healthy hair growth. We want women to embrace their true hair texture and allow their hair to grow to great lengths by embracing and maintaining a healthy hair lifestyle.